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What to expect during your visit


My pet is booked in for an operation - what do I need to do?

Starving/ taking away their food
Dogs and Cats - On the evening before an operation dogs and cats should eat a normal meal, but have any remaining food taken away by 10pm. This is  to reduce the risk of complications related to vomiting under anaesthetic. Fresh water should be available overnight and taken away by 7.30am on the morning of admission.

Cats - should be kept indoors the night before admission to avoid 'going walkabout' and possibly also eating elsewhere.

Small Mammals - Unlike cats and dogs, small mammals must NOT be starved prior to surgery as they are unable to vomit and their metabolism and bowel function differs significantly from that of a dog or cat. We will encourage your pet to eat as soon as possible after he or she has recovered from the anaesthetic. This is best achieved with a diet that is familiar to your pet. Please bring along a small quantity of their food or greens normally fed, in a small, labelled container. It is also useful to bring along their usual preference of a drinking bottle or bowl so that they can drink soon after recovering from surgery.

On the morning of the operation

  • Take away the water bowl first thing in the morning as above.
  • If possible, dogs should be taken out for a short walk in the morning to allow them to empty their bowels / bladder,  so they'll be more comfortable for the day.
  • When you drop your pet off at the surgery for their operation, a vet or nurse will go through the planned procedures with you and ask you to sign a consent form. Make sure you read this form carefully and check exactly what you are consenting to as this is a legal form that gives the vet permission to carry out a surgical or other procedure on your pet. The form must be signed by the owner or an agent acting on the owner’s behalf, who must be over the age of eighteen.
  • Once you’ve said your goodbyes to your pet, they will be taken through to our dog or cat ward areas and made comfortable.We are happy for you to leave a favourite toy or blanket with your pet to reassure them in a strange environment.

After the operation or procedure 

  • One of our veterinary surgeons or nurses will contact you during the afternoon with a progress report and at what time your pet will be ready for collection.
  • After a general anaesthetic your pet may be drowsy and we advise you to collect them by car or some other means of transport.
  • When you collect your pet from the surgery a vet or nurse will go through what has been done,  all the after care, and any treatment plans. We will let you have a post operative care sheet  to take home which will help remind you of these points.
  • If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, that's what we are here for!